Most evil women in the world

I was on youtube searching for some history videos and I came across a video have long hated and for good reason. This video, called “The most evil women in history” and its all about “Bloody Mary” the most hated queen in all of history. My name for that video….


Queen Mary Tudor has been unjustly given the title of being an evil, blood thirsty tyrant. Yes, Mary did burn Protestants during her reign, roughly 275 people, but she wasn’t someone who killed people for fun. Mary did do horrible things to Protestant’s and their is no excuse for her but to call her evil? Its like these people didn’t even bother to do proper research. Mary wasn’t an evil person, she was a tragic figure. Mary was the only child of Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon, raised as a devout Catholic and the only heir to England. When daddy dearest decides he needs a son he does the unimaginable and divorces wife, breaks from their Church and marries another woman instead.

For poor Mary she went from being a Princess to a base born maid in just a few years, all while she was a child. Her father abandoned her, she was separated from her mother and never saw her again, not even to write to her. She was threatened, bullied and tormented by her father’s courtiers to submit to the King’s will by signing an oath the stated his marriage to her mother was illegal and incestuous and the she was a bastard who had no right to the throne. She was forced to act as a nanny to her infant half-sister Elizabeth and her life was all ways under constant threat. The stress and emotional turmoil had a horrible affect on her health and the only solace she had was her faith.

People all ways tell me “but she was a murderer who killed all those innocent people for her church and that wasn’t right” yet people conveniently forget other monarchs who killed thousands more like the Spanish and French Kings. People tend to put other European Monarchs in a better light regardless of all the horrible things they’ve done in their reigns.

For those of you who remain unconvinced and still think she’s this evil incarnate think of it like this: how would you turn out if your dad, who you loved with all your heart, abandoned you and your mother to marry another woman. Your forced to give up your faith, what you believe in, are threatened by people who work for your father and yet she turns out to be a villain? Mary’s problem was that her marriage was unpopular and her fanatical devotion to the Church which lead her to burning “heretics” led to her downfall. Really, after truly researching Mary you realize how miserable her life was and what little genuine happiness she knew. One can’t help but see Mary not as a paragon of evil but a historically tragic character that really belongs in the “Woobie Destroyer of World’s” entry in TV Tropes Real Life section.

It just really gets to me how people just vilify Mary and her having no redeemable qualities while some of the worst villains in history get some slack. Oh and BTW “The Most Evil Women in History” Jane Seymour was Henry VIII’s third wife, not his fourth. That was Anne of Cleves.